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Cool Solutions

Jun 11, 2022

What did it take to get the wealthiest university in the world to break ties with the fossil fuel industry?   

9 years and the combined force of students, faculty, and alumni engaged in everything from scholarly debate, to civil disobedience, to legal action.  In the end, Harvard's divestment was most likely due to fear...

May 11, 2022

The inter-tribal charging network will connect upper midwest reservations with jobs, opportunities, healing, and each other.  Project leaders Robert Blake of Native Sun (Red Lake Ojibwe) and Joseph McNeill of SAGE (Standing Rock Sioux) talk about connections: to environmental and economic justice, clean energy, eagles,...

Apr 10, 2022

Activists accelerate states' switch to clean big rigs.  A story about the power of coming together and speaking out for climate and justice.

Mar 10, 2022

Bill McKibben launches new climate group for seniors. Doctors devoting their retirement years to climate action talk about what motivates them and how they found their place in the movement. Their activities range from registering low income patients to vote to getting arrested over pipelines. Bill McKibben introduces...

Feb 11, 2022

We talk with former contract  farmers for Tyson, Perdue, and Pilgrim's Pride;   the founder of a farmers' cooperative that outperforms Big Meat by a mile, and an animal welfare organization turning chicken houses into grow houses.