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Cool Solutions: Stories of climate action from the bottom up

Oct 30, 2018

The average household has more than 40 electronic appliances that suck energy when they're off. We help you find and tame yours. Along the way: the dining habits of vampire bats and spiders, a home energy audit with a vampire, and a psychologist explains why its so hard to unplug.

Oct 13, 2018

Two California counties help wildfire victims rebuild zero carbon homes.  Its more affordable than you think. Hear one family's story, meet super efficient appliances, and learn something about your gas stove that will change the way you cook. 

Oct 8, 2018

Meet Food Service Directors from 2 public school districts serving vegetarian lunches once a week and producing long lasting benefit in students' diets and health.  Topics along the way include Farm to School, climate impacts of various meats, and tips on shifting to a more plant based diet.