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Cool Solutions: Stories of climate action from the bottom up

May 11, 2023

80% of the buildings that will be here in 2050 are already here, producing 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Uber sustainable new construction is cool, but the big carbon reductions will come from electrifying old buildings.

Chicago plans to retrofit 80,000 homes in the next 7 years. A research collaboration between...

Apr 11, 2023

A pilot study replacing gas stoves with induction stoves in a public housing building in the South Bronx did the expected and decreased indoor air pollution. Two unexpected discoveries were the popularity of the induction stoves and that the building's old wiring could only deliver enough juice to replace stoves in...

Oct 12, 2021

An innovative community energy center, cities with natural gas bans, and a crusading HVAC contractor are all on a mission to electrify our homes.  To be zero carbon by 2050,  we have to start now and retrofit millions of buildings each year.

Mar 17, 2020

Future hot streets will fry more than eggs and solutions won't come on their own. Los Angeles is using its streets as laboratories to test out new cool pavements. 

Oct 13, 2018

Two California counties help wildfire victims rebuild zero carbon homes.  Its more affordable than you think. Hear one family's story, meet super efficient appliances, and learn something about your gas stove that will change the way you cook.