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Cool Solutions

Mar 11, 2021

There's a lot of farmland about to change hands. We can make sure it's distributed fairly to good stewards. This show looks at agricultural land trusts and conservation easements aimed at helping young and under-resourced farmers get access to land, and at the history of Black land loss and the Justice for Black Farmers Act. We also explore an anti trust provision in that land grant bill that would break up consolidation in the meat packing industry.
Holly Ripon Butler,  National Young Farmers Coalition
Suzan Erem, Sustainable Iowa Land Trust
Jordan Clasen,  Grade A Gardens Farm
Michelle Sheehan, Rhode Island Farm Land Access Program
Savi Horne,  North Carolina Black Land Loss Prevention Project
Austin Frerick,  Thurman Arnold Project 

00:58 Young farmers need land
03:05 Sustainable Iowa Land Trust
10:37 One farmer's SILT story
14:37 Rhode Island buys farm land to save it.
17:23 A history of Black land loss
20:16 The USDA "the last plantation"
22:30 Justice for Black Farmers Act
23:16 Carver and Whatley: Regenerative pioneers
24:18 Breaking up meat packer monopolies