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Cool Solutions

Feb 10, 2019

We already have too much parking. Getting rid of requirements to build more is something any town can do. It cuts carbon, boosts business, and helps affordable housing. Here's the story of 2 cities that did it.  

Matthew Petty, a city councilman in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Nadine Marrero, Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Buffalo talk about why cities should drop parking from their zoning codes, how they did it, and how its working. 

Norman Garrick, professor at the University of CT, gives a mini history lesson on how parking killed urban downtowns.

Kevin Meindl of the Buffalo Sewer Department talks about the problem of pavement storm runoff. 

Daniel Herriges of Strong Towns explains how to bring this solution to your town.

Gene Boyd of Farmers Assisting Returning Military explains how farming a former parking lot helps soldiers re enter civilian life.