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Cool Solutions

Jun 10, 2019

Our own preconceptions of who is "on our side" and the mistaken idea that we are alone may be one of the biggest obstacles to climate action. That's the big takeaway from this story about how neighbors, longshoremen, small businesspeople, tribes and environmentalists in Washington State got together and stopped a massive oil by rail terminal.

Linda Garcia is a passionate activist who just wouldn't stop reaching out, and that brought a bunch of unlikely folks together. They found common ground at the intersection of climate action, workers' rights, environmental justice, and local self determination and won a 5 year battle to stop the biggest oil by rail terminal in N America. They also became friends. 

Guests: Don and Alona Steinke Sierra Club,  Linda Garcia of the Fruit Valley Neighborhood Association,  Cager Clabough ILWU,  Don Orange and Eric LaBrant Port of Vancouver Commissioners.