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Cool Solutions: Stories of climate action from the bottom up

Nov 11, 2022

Part One of a mini-series exploring potential pathways to a sustainable garment industry.

We explore some routes to slow fashion: restoring regional wool production in Pennsylvania, curbside pickup of used clothes in Massachusetts, second hand clothes, and raising garment worker wages 


Jan 28, 2021

When Teaneck NJ Girl Scouts saw pictures of birds tangled in plastic bags, they got to work and sparked a movement that led to the strongest state plastic ban in the US.

This is an engaging story about how big change happens when local efforts add up; with side trips into the chemistry of plastics, the importance of...

Sep 28, 2018

Small entrepreneurs across the country are creating jobs and local food by composting food waste locally. We get down to the nitty gritty with eco-entrepreneurs in Boston, Chicago, and San Diego,  talk with a soil scientist about the benefits of composting, and learn from a lawyer about overcoming the barriers to...