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Cool Solutions: Stories of climate action from the bottom up

Mar 11, 2023

"When I read in 2020 that Colorado ran a pilot program to give away just 13 e-bikes, I scoffed. What difference could that possibly make? Now I have to eat my bike helmet."- Wendy Ring, Cool Solutions Producer and Host.  Turns out that mini-pilot laid the foundation for Denver's wildly successful e-bike program by proving that e-bikes cut car trips and emissions and that low income folks want to ride them. Denver's program became the model for a statewide program. And e, by the way, also stands for equity. The consistent emphasis on removing economic barriers to bikes is building pressure to address unsafe street conditions in low income neighborhoods.  

Guest Storytellers:

Christian Willis, Colorado Energy Office

Rachel Hultin, Bicycle Colorado

Frieda Mitchell & Darnell Robinson, Can Do CO participants

Mike Salisbury Denver Office of Climate Action Sustainability and Resilience

Ash Lovell, People for Bikes